We work with clients across virtually every industry, with a focus on supplying results—not just “systems.” With each of our clients, we carefully define their needs and then work with them to develop exactly the solution that’s right for them. For examples of how we have worked with our clients, take a look at these case studies.



As The Henry Ford completed a $20 million facilities renovation it turned its attention to selecting employees who would make this historical attraction “come alive.” Read how Polaris designed a candidate friendly selection system to screen thousands of applicants efficiently and effectively to staff America’s Greatest History Attraction.
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A multi-plant manufacturer re-engineered its processes to ensure quality. It then challenged Polaris to ensure the same level of world-class quality in its selection system. Read how Polaris worked with this client’s human resources department to design, validate and implement a testing and interview system to meet this challenge.
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A major catalog sales organization sought to significantly improve its customer contact hiring process. Read how Polaris designed and validated a system to assess the ability to provide outstanding customer service, as well as the ability to increase sales through suggestive selling and upgrades.
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A multi-hospital healthcare system wanted its pre-employment screening system (used for a broad range of jobs) to address the “people skills” and “work orientations” that matched the organization’s Vision & Values. Read how Polaris worked with job experts to determine what additional testing components were needed, how the new tests were validated against on-the-job performance, and how an on-line interview system streamlined the hiring process.
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The nation’s largest distributor of office supplies was focusing on operational excellence in all aspects of its business. Key to excellence was having the right people in its national network of distribution centers. To ensure this, the organization wanted to add a testing phase to its pre-employment screening process. The tests needed to focus on identifying those who could learn the full range of distribution center jobs quickly and perform them efficiently, accurately and with a consistent level of energy. Read this case study to learn more about this Key to Excellence by having the right people in the right place.
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The business model for a national debt collection agency involved purchasing significantly aged debt for pennies on the dollar. It then relied on its Collections Agents to collect enough of this uncollectable debt to profit from the purchase. To be successful, Collections Agents needed to be able to stay motivated and productive even though they knew they would encounter serious resistance…and, often, abuse…on every call they made. They also needed to be able to adapt their message to the circumstances and emotional drivers of the individual debtors. Read how Polaris designed a selection system to identify individuals most likely to succeed in this difficult role.
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A national fitness chain depends on its Membership Sales Counselors to generate the new memberships necessary for growth and profitability. The job is difficult. Membership Sales Counselors have to constantly approach walk-ins to interest them in purchasing membership packages. The job requires the ability to maintain a positive, goal-focused attitude in the face of frequent rejection. It also requires Counselors to quickly identify the aspects of the Center that would appeal to the customer and to frame the description of benefits in terms accordingly. Read how Polaris worked with the fitness chain to enhance its selection process with an assessment tool that could identify the candidates whose capabilities and personalities fit with the job.
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