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Polaris offers a range of tried and true behavioral assessments for common job types, as well as custom test development and validation services to meet the needs of your specific jobs and organization. Our testing solutions are ideally suited for organizations that desire a cost-effective, systematic, and legally defensible way to assess candidates’ core attributes–such as capabilities to perform a particular job or fit with an organization’s unique culture. And rest assured, because all of our research-based tests are backed by validation studies documenting their legally defensible use.

Testing System Overview

The Polaris selection testing system contains a broad range of test modules that can be used independently or combined into a single test booklet. None of our tests have time limits, which simplifies administration and helps ensure candidate acceptance.


Each Polaris test module consists of a collection of items that can be “mixed and matched” to tailor the test to the specific needs of a given organization. Additionally, the feedback dimensions produced by scoring the tests can be tailored to the needs of a given organization (e.g., the dimensions can match the organization’s competency model).

The Result: Selection tests that match the organization’s needs and, because they are molded to “fit” the organization, can provide superior prediction of job performance.

Custom Test Development and Configuration

The process of developing a tailored test typically begins with a very efficient job analysis to define the organization’s job requirements. It then proceeds to a tailored construction stage where the standard Polaris test modules are “shaped” to fit the organization’s needs. The shaping can include, for example:

    • Determining how best to weight and combine the up-to 37 facets of personality that the Polaris systems can address
    • Deciding which skill areas to assess, and how thoroughly each will be assessed
    • Defining feedback dimensions and the nature of the feedback reports
    • Determining how best to integrate the testing and interview stages
    • Structuring the administrative system (e.g., administration software) to the specific needs of the organization

As appropriate, statistical validation of the tailored system can be performed to verify the appropriateness of the tests that were structured to meet the organization’s need. The validation stage can also provide information on how best to refine the tests to optimize the prediction of success on the job.

Throughout the tailoring process, Polaris is building the systems through the use of pre-developed modules of test and interview items. As a result, the tailoring process is extremely efficient and cost-effective. And, because tried-and-true components are being shaped to the needs of the organization, the track record of the systems has shown that they work “first time, every time.”

Pre-Configured Tests for Standard Job Types

In addition to developing tailored assessments for our clients, Polaris also has a number of pre-configured tests that have been validated for standard job types and are available for quick implementation. For more information about our testing services, or to request a brochure for one of our pre-configured tests, please contact us. Typically, these pre-configured tests take candidates between 15 and 30 minutes to complete depending on the test.

JobFit Inventory-Industrial: Designed for use in selecting industrial, production, and manufacturing employees and measures Attendance Orientation, Ease of Supervision, Achievement Orientation, Activity/Energy Level, Conscientiousness, Learning Ability, and Mechanical Comprehension

JobFit Inventory-Collections: Designed for use in selecting debt collections employees and measures Achievement & Reward Orientation, Drive, Efficiency, Optimism, and Collections Mentality

JobFit Inventory-Outbound Call Center: Designed for use in selecting outbound call center employees and measures Achievement & Reward Orientation, Reliability & Persistence, Focus, Resilience, and “Focus on the Close” Mentality

JobFit Inventory-Customer Service: Designed for use in selecting customer service/inbound call center employees and measures Attendance Orientation, Ease of Supervision, Communication & Customer Service, Flexibility & Adaptability, Reasoning & Problem Solving, and Learning Ability

JobFit Inventory-Distributions: Designed for use in selecting distribution/logistics employees and measures Attendance Orientation, Working Effectively with Others, Productivity & Quality Focus, and Learning Ability

JobFit Inventory-Healthcare: Designed for use in selecting non-management healthcare employees and measures Demonstration of Values, Focus on Quality, Teamwork & Interpersonal Relationships, and Organizing Outcomes

JobFit Inventory-Fitness: Designed for use in selecting non-management fitness center employees and measures Reliability & Follow-Through, Energy, Calmness, Interpersonal Skills, Impact, Comfort with Sales, Belief in Fitness, and Interest in Children

JobFit Inventory-Hospitality: Designed for use in selecting non-management hospitality employees and measures Confidence & Friendliness, Productivity & Quality Focus, Ease of Supervision, Adaptability & Stress Tolerance, and Reasoning & Problem Solving

JobFit Inventory-Administrative Support: Designed for use in selecting non-management administrative and clerical employees and measures Interacting with Professionalism, Multi-Tasking & Organizing Priorities, Making Sound Decisions, Striving to Improve & Overcome Challenges, and Leveraging Technology to Complete Work

JobFit Inventory-Sales Counselor: Designed for use in selecting non-management sales employees and measures Reliability, Energy, Calmness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Impact, and Comfort with Sales